VALESTO is the finest Phyllo Dough,

which is loved all over the world

Products of TM Valesto

We like to travel and eat a tasty food. Coming home after travelling, we exchange our impressions about what we saw and discuss every dish that we managed to try in a new country. Thanks to the love of travelling and a tasty food, a collection of original recipes of dishes popular all over the world was created, which we called Valesto.

Nowadays, VALESTO is the Bulgarian Melina and Banitsa, Serbian Bourek, Turkish Baklava, Georgian Achma, Greek Pitta Breads, Austrian Strudel, Rollinis and many others. It is a unique mix of the finest dough and natural fillings. The Valesto collection constantly increases, and it means that you will have more and more interesting tasty dishes on your table!

A few words about the Phyllo Dough

Transparent dough layers and a filling carefully wrapped in them, cooked with a unique method – we cared about saving its richness and bright, natural colour. We use only natural ingredients for the filling: fruit, berries, vegetables, greens, meat, eggs, mushrooms, cheese and bryndza.

It is made with natural ingredients: flour, water and oil

Does not contain margarine and yeasts

Is suitable for both meals: for every day, and for the holiday table

It goes with any and all fillings

Designed for baking according to the formula: a bit of dough and a lot of filling

Cooking method

  • 200 °С 1. Preheat the oven to 200 °С
  • Open 2. Open the package
  • Without defrosting 3. Without defrosting, put the form in the oven
  • 30-40 min 180 °С 4. Bake during 30-40 minutes at temperature 180 °С until golden brown

Pies, pies and Rollinis are packed into a special HIGH-TEMPERATURE baking case for easy home baking. Baking temperature depends on the selected product.

Recipes from the Chief Food Technologist

We constantly add step-by-step recipes and videos from our Chief Food Technologist

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