About the products

Prepared Phyllo Dough
The Phyllo Dough may be the finest dough in the world. Bakes of this dough are traditionally valued in the East, in the Balkan and Mediterranean countries. A year by year, the Phyllo becomes more and more popular all over the word due to the facts that this Dough:
  • is made with natural ingredients: flour, water and oil;
  • does not contain margarine and yeasts;
  • is good for everyday and special occasion dishes;
  • goes with virtually any fillings;
  • is created for baking according to the formula: a little dough and a lot of filling.
To cook Valesto bakes is tasty, quick and comfortable as we worked out the kinks. For instance, you can choose one of 3 types of the Valesto dough, including the specially created one for cooking the Athenian lasagna (yeah, the Greeks very successfully and tastily adapted the Italian dish for the favorite Phyllo Dough.)
Bakes / Semi-prepared foods
VALESTO is not just the finest Phyllo Dough that is loved all over the world. It is also the delectable baked products, which have no analogues in Ukraine.

Use the secrets of the professional baking VALESTO in order to create personal culinary chef-d'oeuvre in an easy way and with pleasure!